Winter in the vineyard

Winter is here in the desert. This means the vines have finally gone dormant and I can rest a bit.
Actually, it means I can get out there and put up the cross-arms and an extra set of catch-wires for next season.
I’ll also add some compost and get the soil ready. Then, I can take a break. In another month or so, I’ll prune and spray some fungicide.
Next year will be the third “leaf” for this vineyard, which means I’ll get a half crop. That’s all I want to burden the vines with this year. The fourth year is when I can let a full crop develop.
What this means in terms of work for me is that I’ll go ahead and let two buds grow from each spur, but I’ll only let one of those produce fruit. This means extra work to go through the vineyard and drop clusters off of half of the shoots, but it also means extra shoots to control some of the vigor and produce a nice thick canopy to help prevent sunburn.
A friend, Chano Aguayo, in California, suggested training the vines to leave lots of shade on the afternoon side, but let the sun in on the morning side. What this means in terms of pruning is that I’ll have to hedge close on the morning side, but let the canes hang over on the afternoon side.
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