New bladder press

I decided to retire the basket press. It’s done a good job, but it was just a bit small. I think it holds about 20 l. This new press is 80 l and works off of household water pressure. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

I thought I’d post a few pictures so folks can see how it’s put together. It arrived with some rust in a few areas, but these were easily removed with a wire brush. The press is made in Slovenia, so it was shipped across the ocean. It is made of 304 SS, which can show some rust in the wrong conditions. It cleaned up nicely.

A few flanges appear to be a lower grade stainless. This is ok with me. A painted base is available, but the company I purchased from doesn’t order them that way. You could probably special order it if you were willing to wait 6 mos.

The hose nipples look a bit thin, but the rest of the components seem stout enough. I like the fact that it comes with a built in regulator. Most of the smaller presses don’t have one and it has to be added later.

I’ll post some photos of it in use, or maybe a video, when the time comes.


The water hose connecting the feed to the basket is armored to protect against cuts. This is a nice touch.

The hose nipple is made of thin metal, I hope it holds up. The valve itself looks to be of medium quality. It’s made in Italy. I’ve seen several posts online about people complaining about the crappy valves on their Italian presses. I think this will hold up if I don’t treat it harshly. Diameter of the valve is marked 1/2″, so it seems likely the threads are a standard size in case I need to replace it.The regulator is adjusted by the brass stem on the left side, just above the gauge.

I don’t have time to play with it today, but I’ll certainly hook it up and test it before it’s time for crush.  :-)