June 2014 Update

I added three sets of double-catch wires this year, along with cross-arms. I placed two-foot long cross-arms at the top of the T-Posts, with a pair of wires running across the top. This lets the canes spread wide, allowing more light into the canopy.
A foot below this set, is another set of steel wires, spread about 1 foot apart with a cross-arm. This wire will be used to hold the top of the side-nets. These two wires will be brought closer together when the nets are attached to pinch off the top opening around the canes.
About a foot above the cordon is the last set of wires, made of polyester. These are also set about a foot apart and make it easier to tuck canes between them than steel because of the built-in stretch. They’re also cheaper than steel and come on a smaller spool, so storage is easier. These wires will be left spread apart to hold the sides of the net out from the fruit to make it difficult for birds to peck through to get at the fruit.
One final wire is a few inches above the dripline, to wrap the bottom edge of the net around. This makes it easy to close the net, without interference from the emitters that would occur if I tried to just wrap the net around the drip line wire.
I like the side netting because the openings are smaller than the over-the-top net, and it’s easier to put on and take down.