Filter media from Critical Process

I uploaded a couple of data sheets for filters from CP that will work in the Enolmatic. They are:
CPGGD1*0NOOO1E6 one micron nom pre filter (I like to use an EP seal, black in color, on the prefilter as an easy indicator for this filter)
$ 41.65 ea
CPFGD*40N0001S6 .45 micron nom final filter (silicone red seal)
$ 62.67 ea


CPGGD1*0N0001E6 one micron nom prefilter
$ 41.65 ea
CPFPS*40N0001S6 .45 micron absolute Polyethersulfone membrane media FDA
$ 100.85 ea

Here’s the data sheets:

FPS pdf Mullhern

FGD data JMC rv

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