Barbera: Post MLF Update

Malo-lactic fermentation has completed, and I decided to do some testing.
The pH is still high, about 4.1, and the TA measures .52% (5g/l), expressed as tartaric. The TA isn’t bad, but the wine tastes very tart at this point.
I think I need to do a cold stabilization (CS) to drop the k-bitartrate, but I’m not sure how much to add to get the final acidity right.
Some folks have recommended that I just add enough tartaric to drop the pH below 3.6, then do the CS and see what TA and pH I end up with.
I plan to cool a sample of the Barbera to 28F and see how much acid drops out of solution. I can then add tartaric back in to see how much is required to get the TA and pH back in an acceptable range.
This will give me an idea how much tartaric to add to the rest of the batch prior to cold-stabilization so that I end up with the right range. I’ll probably test this out on a second sample before I try it on the whole batch. Things don’t always work according to plan. :-)